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MURATA UltraBK™ 4A/6A DC/DC Converter Module | New Product Brief

June 18, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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MURATA UltraBK™ 4A/6A DC/DC Converter Module

Murata’s MY Series Ultra Block (UltraBK™) 4A/6A DC/DC converter modules are an ultra-thin, high-efficiency power solution that combines a 4A or 6A DC/DC converter with additional components to provide up to a 90.5% efficiency.

The 2-stage buck architecture allows for fast transient response, low input ripple, good power output, overcurrent, and over-temperature protection, remote on/off control, and output voltage sense. All of this is incorporated in a thin LGA package that measures 10.5mm by 9.0mm by 2.1mm.

The easy-to-use module terminal design also allows for a straightforward power layout that minimizes routing parasitic resistance and maximizes efficiency.

The Ultra Block converters are ideal for use in PCIe, server, FPGA, DSP development applications as well as datacom and telecom systems, distributed bus architectures, programmable logic, and mixed voltage systems. 

  • MY Series UltraBK™ 4A/6A DC/DC converter
    • 90% to 90.5% efficiency
  • 2-stage buck
    • Fast transient response
    • Low input ripple
    • Low EMI
    • Overcurrent and over-temperature protection
    • On/off control
  • LGA Package 
    • 10.5mm x 9.0mm x 2.1mm
  • Applications
    • PCIe / server applications, FPGA and DSP, datacom/telecom systems, distributed bus architectures (DBA), programmable logic, and mixed voltage systems

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