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Neutrik FIBERFOX Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors | New Product Brief

August 25, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Neutrik FIBERFOX Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors

Neutrik FIBERFOX Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connectors are designed to operate in harsh conditions and are compatible with all MIL-DTL-83526 military type connectors.  FIBERFOX bridge receptacles are easily integrated into your IT environment by allowing simple standard LC Patch Cables to be plugged into the rear of the chassis.

The FIBERFOX connectors utilize non-physical contact fiber optic termini that are IP68 sealed behind an anti-reflective coated ball lens.

The hermaphroditic connectors are capable of both front- and rear-mounting.  The connector eliminates the need for adaptors and female and male mating halves. The system is available in multi-mode in both 2-channel and 4-channel variants, with either configuration compatible with the other configuration, and other MIL-DTL-83526 specified systems.

Effectively maintenance-free with a theoretical unlimited lifetime, FIBERFOX can withstand in excess of 10,000 mating cycles without maintenance or insertion loss and can be cleaned using just canned air, clean water and a lint-free cloth.

In addition to fitting into D Shape cutouts, FIBERFOX bridge receptacles are suitable for use with standard LC Patch Cables.

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