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NEUTRIK USA NA2-IO-DPRO Mic/Line/AES Dante | Featured Product Spotlight

April 23, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Neutrik’s NA2-IO-DPRO is a 2IN, 2OUT Breakout Box to connect legacy audio equipment to a Dante network. Dante stands for Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet and simplifies the routing and distribution of audio signals. 

The NA2-IO-DPRO offers two XLR inputs with high-quality microphone preamps.  Each input can be set as a mic or line input and has configurable gain, low-cut filtering, 48V phantom power, and an input pad.  The breakout box also offers two XLR outputs with software mute and volume control.  All parameters can be configured in the DPRO controller software, and the AES input and output option can be enabled by connecting to only channel 2 of the input or output respectively.  The breakout box supports 16-bit to 32-bit sampling at up to 96kHz. 

The NA2-IO-DPRO also offers dual network ports that can be used for redundancy or switched-mode operation.  In redundant mode, two copies of all Dante information are sent through two separate networks, providing protection against one network failing.  In switched-mode, multiple units can be daisy-chained to provide additional inputs and output.  The devices are powered using PoE, which simplifies setup by delivering power and data over a single ethernet cable up to 100m long and leverages existing network infrastructure. 

The NAS2-IO-DPRO has a rugged design ideal for tough stage environments.  It has a metal housing with a removable rubber bumper for additional protection, and all connectors are lockable.  Neutrik also offers accessories for podium mounting, 1 RU mounting, and truss mounting.  

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