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Nisshinbo RIOT-002 Environment Sensing Board | Asia New Product Brief

December 15, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Nisshinbo RIOT-002 Environment Sensing Board

The Nisshinbo RIOT-002 Environment Sensing Board can send temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, illuminance, and 3-axis acceleration sensor data via BLUETOOTH® Low Energy.

Equipped with Nisshinbo power management ICs for energy harvesters, ultra-low current consumption ICs and a real-time clock IC, this board achieves independent power generation and prolongation of battery operating time.

A buck DC-to-DC switching regulator for energy harvesters, is used to extract power from a photovoltaic panel and charge the secondary battery.

It makes it easy to develop new IoT edge devices, contributes to shortening the construction period of those devices, and is applicable to environment data loggers, electronic shelf tags, and more.

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