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NXP Kinetis K27 and K28

NXP's Kinetis K27 and K28 Family of MCUs are based on a 150 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with floating point unit and offer the highest available SRAM and low system power. The MCUs are designed for IoT, wearables, and other battery-powered applications with rich graphic displays and they offer a broad set of integrated peripherals.

The inclusion of 1 MB of SRAM is up to four times more SRAM than other MCUs, offering improved performance and enabling rich display capabilities, improved UIs, and more complex apps. Power consumption is also lower using SRAM, and low power consumption is improved with UARTs and timers that operate in very low power modes to maximize efficiency and extend battery life. The 1 MB of SRAM and 2 MB of Flash also eliminate the need for external memory in many applications, leading to a smaller, lower cost design, which is critical for IoT and wearables. But for those applications requiring external memory, the MCUs integrate a 32-bit SDRAM controller and a quad SPI interface with support for execution in place.


Power Management

K27 and K28 MCUs have integrated power management, but K28 devices have a power management controller that supports Core Voltage Bypass, which allows the core to operate from a 1.2 V rail supplied by an external PMIC, rather than the internal regulator, to maximize system efficiency. To secure applications, the devices also feature a memory mapped cryptographic accelerator unit which improves the throughput of encryption and decryption, and this is complemented by a true random number generator and CRC functionality.


Additional Features

Additionally, the devices integrate two I2S interfaces for audio, and two USB PHYs, one high speed and one full speed. Both the K27 and K28 are available in a 9 x 9 mm 169 ball BGA, while the K28 is also offered in a 210 ball WLCSP. NXP also offers the Freedom K28 development board, with extension boards for capacitive touchscreen, USB type C, BLE, and more.

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