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NXP MRF300 RF Power LDMOS Transistors | Featured Product Spotlight

October 02, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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NXP MRF300 RF Power LDMOS Transistors

NXP Semiconductors MRF300 RF Power LDMOS Transistors are rugged 300W transistors housed in standard TO-247 packages that operate over a wide frequency range and are ideal for high VSWR ISM applications as well as HF or VHF broadcast, mobile radio, communications, and switch mode power supplies. 

The MRF300 transistors offer a 50V operating voltage and are capable of continuous wave output greater than 300W.  They offer power gain up to 28dB combined with 80% drain efficiency.  They can also withstand VSWR up to 65:1 at 50V with no degradation, making them well suited for demanding industrial and pulsed applications. 

The transistors have an unmatched input that allows operation from 1.8MHz to 250MHz, covering many common ISM, broadcast, and aerospace frequencies.  The transistors also enable one design to support multiple frequency ranges by changing only the inductors, so no PCB layout modifications are needed.  MRF300 transistors are suitable for linear, or Class AB, applications, and they have integrated ESD protection with an extended negative VGS range for improved Class C operation. 

The use of TO-247 packaging greatly simplifies heatsinking while also permitting more flexible mounting options.  The transistors are offered in A/B versions that have mirrored pinouts, which allows for simpler and more compact layout of push-pull, two-up configurations. 

NXP offers 2” x 3” power block reference circuits using cost-effective FR4 PCBs to demonstrate the benefits of the MRF300 transistors, and the transistors are part of NXP’s product longevity program with a minimum 15 year supply assurance from product launch.  For datasheets and more details on NXP’s MRF300 RF Power LDMOS Transistors, visit

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