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NXP’s MRFX1K80H RF Power LDMOS Transistor 

NXP’s MRFX1K80H is an 1800 W, 65 V wideband RF power LDMOS transistor designed for high VSWR ISM, VHF broadcast, and aerospace applications. The device has a wideband, unmatched input and output from 1.8 to 470 MHz that can be used in single-ended or push-pull configurations, and the 1800 W output rating is true for continuous wave and pulsed signals.

The MRFX1K80H is based on NXP’s 65 V LDMOS technology. By increasing VDD to 65 V, it’s possible to increase output power while keeping impedance at reasonable values that are more easily matched to 50 Ω.  (Graphic: Reusability)  In fact, at the higher voltage, the impedance of the 1800 W 65 V transistor is very close to NXP’s 1250 W and 1500 W 50 V transistors. And because the devices are also pin-compatible, it’s possible to upgrade existing lower power designs to 1800 W with minimal or no retuning.

The increased power density also enables a reduction in transistor count and the increased voltage results in a lower current.  This, in turn, leads to lower losses, a more compact design, and a simplified power supply.

The increase to 65 V also provides benefits in transistor robustness, pushing the breakdown voltage out to 193 V for an added safety margin.  And, for mismatched loads, the devices are tested for operation with greater than 65:1 VSWR with no device degradation. The transistor also has integrated ESD protection with a greater negative gate-source voltage range for improved Class C operation.

The MRFX1K80H uses an NI-1230 air cavity ceramic package with a thermal resistance of 0.09°C/W, and the MRFX1K80N version uses an OM-1230 over-molded plastic package with 30% lower thermal resistance.

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