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NXP A71CH Arduino Development Kit

NXP’s A71CH Arduino Development Kit is an Arduino-compatible kit for the NXP A71CH Plug & Trust Secure Element. The A71CH is designed to provide secure cloud connectivity, even for developers with limited security expertise. It provides a Root of Trust at the silicon level, with security functions that include encrypted key storage, key generation, and derivation, allowing developers, even with limited security expertise, to deploy secure solutions, protect information, and perform mutual authentication. The IC uses encrypted, authenticated communication with the host over I2C and is complemented by support libraries and example code, making it easy to use with many MCU platforms, including many i.MX, Kinetis, and LPC boards.

  • Arduino Development Kit for A71CH Plug & Trust Secure Element
  • End-to-end security, from chip to edge to cloud
  • Secure credential injection for root of trust at IC level
  • Encrypted key storage, key generation, and derivation
  • Secure, zero-touch connectivity
  • Fast design-in with complete product support package

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