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NXP Semiconductors GreenChip Solutions

NXP’s PTN5110 is a USB Type C Port Controller PHY IC that is part of NXP’s GreenChip portfolio, which consists of highly efficient power solutions with extremely low standby power designed to meet and exceed the requirements of multiple energy standards. The PTN5110 is designed for use in system platforms, such as laptops, docks, or monitors, and consumes only 30 µA while active. It complies with USB PD, USB Type-C, and TCPC standards, and offloads tasks from the host processor, including VBUS power path control and current limiting. It also provides reverse current protection, over temperature protection, and VBUS Force discharge and bleed discharge functions, all in a small, low-profile HX2QFN16 package.

  • Active current: 30 µA
  • Standards: USB PD, USB Type-C, TCPC
  • VBUS source/sink power path control
  • Protections: Reverse current, Overtemperature
  • VBUS Bleed and Force discharge
  • Package: HX2QFN16, 2.6 x 2.6 x 0.35 mm

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