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NXP Semiconductors OM40002 Development Board

NXP’s OM40002 is a development board for the NFC-enabled LPC8N04 Arm Cortex-M0+-based MCU. The board includes an integrated antenna, LED array, speaker, and an onboard debugger, and a companion smartphone app is available for demonstration. The LPC8N04 offers a unique device serial number for identification as well as multiple reduced power modes, power gating of peripherals, and activation via NFC for ultra-low power operation. In addition to USB power, the board offers two coin cell battery holders and the MCU supports NFC energy harvesting for batteryless operation. Expansions connectors are compatible with Grove and Pmod interfaces for easy addition of off-the-shelf sensors and other hardware.

  • Development board for NFC-enabled LPC8N04 Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU
  • Integrated NFC antenna, 5x7 LED array, speaker, CMSIS-DAP debug probe
  • LPC8N04: Four reduced power modes, power gating for each analog peripheral
  • Dual coin cell battery holders
  • Supports NFC energy harvesting for batteryless operation
  • Grove, Pmod expansion options

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