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NXP Semiconductors RFEL24-500 RF Energy Lab Box

NXP’s RF Energy Lab box is a fully integrated, solid state RF development system for RF and non-RF engineers alike, requiring no RF expertise or separate RF equipment. The RF energy lab box is based on two RFEM24-250 modules, providing RF signal generation at 250W/channel from 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz. USB connectivity and PC-based software provide control of the output power, frequency, and phase, with continuous monitoring of forward and reflected RF power, current, and temperature. The RF Energy Lab Box provides frequency and phase sweep capabilities to optimize energy transfer to the load, with typical applications such including cooking, lighting, industrial heating or welding, and medical applications such as RF ablation.

  • RF signal generator based on 2x RFEM24-250 modules
  • RF output: 2400MHz to 2500MHz, 250W/channel
  • Operated by a PC-based GUI
  • Control output power, frequency, phase
  • Continuously monitor forward/reflected RF power, current, temperature
  • Frequency and phase sweep capabilities for best match optimization

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