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NXP Semiconductors S32R274 Radar MCU

NXP’s S32R274 RADAR MCU combines advanced radar signal processing capabilities with a multicore MCU for use in a variety of automotive radar applications, as well as applications such as surveillance or industrial automation. The radar platform integrates high-speed analog interfaces and waveform generation as well as NXP’s Radar Signal Processing Toolbox 2.0 to accelerate signal processing hardware for best-in-class performance per watt. The MCU includes a dual-core Power Architecture e200Z7 MCU for high-performance computation, and an e200Z4 dedicated safety core with a separate checker core and is designed for ASIL-D applications. NXP’s S32R274 also includes a cryptographic security engine, 2MB of on-chip flash and 1.5MB of SRAM, both with ECC, and is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified.

  • Analog: 4x 10 MSps 12-bit ADCs, 1x 10 MSps 12-bit DAC, MIPI-CSI2 for external ADCs
  • RADAR Processing: Signal Processing Toolbox SPT 2.0
  • Cores: 2 x e200z7 @ 240MHz, 2 x e200z4 (lock-step) @ 120MHz
  • Security: CSE2 (Cryptographic Services Engine)
  • Memory (w/ ECC): 2MB Flash, 1.5MB SRAM
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +150˚C, AEC-Q100 Grade 1

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