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NXP SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Solution for Face Recognition | Featured Product Spotlight

February 19, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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NXP SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Solution for Face Recognition

NXP Semiconductors’ SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Kit is a turnkey EdgeReady development kit for secure, offline face recognition based on the i.MX RT106F crossover processover. 

The i.MX RT106F features a 600MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 core for fast response, and the MCU-based implementation reduces BOM cost by more than 50% compared to MPU-based designs, while requiring as little as 16MB of Flash and 8MB of SDRAM.  The kit includes Dual RGB+IR cameras based on inexpensive CMOS sensors, providing low-cost and low-power liveness detection to prevent spoofing, such as with a photo of a person’s face.  This also enables operation in dark environments, with on-board white and IR LEDs. 

Faces can be registered locally on the kit or remotely on a PC or mobile device and then uploaded to the kit, with the kit able to recognize a face from a database of up to 3,000 faces.  For connectivity it has a USB-C port, a Wi-Fi and BLE module, and an ethernet controller.  The camera feed can be viewed over USB-C, or users can add an LCD display.  The entire design measures just 30mm x 40mm. 

NXP also provides a fully integrated turnkey software package to get users up and running quickly.  The software package includes example code plus a FreeRTOS build, drivers, and image processing libraries.  It also includes the VIZNAS SDK, with NXP’s OASIS LITE Machine Learning Vision Engine, enabling edge-based offline face recognition and eliminating the privacy concerns of cloud-based image processing.  The kit is fully supported by NXP’s MCUXpresso tools and is available within the MCUXpresso SDK.  For more information on how to get started with NXP’s SLN-VIZNAS-IOT Kit and all of its capabilities, visit

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