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Ohmite Metal Foil Low-Value Power Resistors FC4T Series

The FC4T series uses a flip chip design that provides more at a lower cost. Resistors are available from 5 to 100 mΩ, with tolerance as low as 0.5%. The resistors are based on Ohmite’s proprietary metal foil technology, with TCR down to ±50 ppm. In addition to the tight tolerance and temperature stability, the FC4T use a four-terminal Kelvin configuration to enable highly accurate measurements. This allows designers to exclude the resistance of the terminals and solder joints from the sensing circuit to more accurately calculate the current through the resistor.  

Ohmite offers the FC4T in a 1206 case size with an operating temperature up to 155°C, and the resistors have a half-watt power rating up to 70°C.

  • Flip chip design produces economical option
  • 5 mΩ to 100 mΩ, ±0.5% tolerance
  • Great stability with ±50 ppm TCR
  • 4-terminal Kelvin configuration for improved measurement accuracy
  • Industry standard 1206 case size
  • 0.5 W power rating up to 70°C (-55°C to +155°C operating range)

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