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Omron’s EE-SX Series Photomicrosensors

Omron’s EE-SX Series Photomicrosensors, also known as Optical Switches are a low-cost, high-speed non-contact solution for presence, absence, and position detection with different body shapes and outputs to address nearly any application. EE-SX97 series sensors offer the smallest footprint and standard connector interface to minimize cost. EE-SX77, 87, and 95 series sensors are pre-wired with either a standard or flexible robot cable and a have bright indicator lights viewable from multiple sides, so workers can have those important water cooler conversations while still monitoring operations. Omron also offers all of the benefits of its Photomicrosensors in component form, with surface mount, through-hole, pre-wired, and connector variants, various gap widths, and other functional and mechanical options.

  • Easy-to-install, low-cost solution for presence/absence & position detection
  • Multiple body shapes: Standard, L-shaped, T-shaped, and more
  • Dark-ON or Light-ON operation
  • EE-SX97: smallest connector-type Photomicrosensor
  • EE-SX77/87/95: pre-wired with indicator light for process monitoring
  • Available in component form with SMD, through hole, connector, and pre-wired variants

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