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OMRON G9KA-E Power PCB Relays | Featured Product Spotlight

May 30, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

The Omron Electronics G9KA-E power PCB relays are designed to enhance the safety, reliability, and durability of electronic systems. Watch and learn all about their features, specs, applications, and more!



OMRON G9KA-E Power PCB Relays

The Omron Electronics G9KA-E power PCB relays, available from Mouser Electronics, are designed to enhance the safety, reliability, and durability of electronic systems. These relays feature an ultra-low contact resistance of 0.2 milliohms, achieved through a unique double brake and twin contacts structure. This low resistance minimizes heat generation, simplifying the thermal design process. Additionally, an optimized plunger-type relay improves endurance and reduces power consumption.

The G9KA-E relay supports a large rated load of 800 volts AC at 200 amps or 1,000 volts AC at 300 amps, along with a high impulse withstand voltage of 10 kilovolts. It offers efficient coil power consumption of 5.0 watts at the rated coil voltage, which can be reduced to approximately 1 watt with a 45% holding voltage. PWM control can also be used to further reduce power consumption. Surge absorption and a zener diode are required to maintain the relay's switching performance.

Furthermore, these power PCB relays have compact dimensions, allowing for space savings in end product designs. The G9KA-E relay specifically caters to the evolving needs of next-generation commercial and industrial PV inverters, industrial online uninterruptible power supplies, and industrial inverters.

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