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OMRON IA G2RV-ST/G3RV-ST Slim Relays | New Product Brief

May 08, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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The Omron G2RV-ST & G3RV-ST Slim I/O Relays, available from Mouser Electronics, provide a high degree of space-savings thanks to high-density mounting and an ultra-slim body.

At only 6.2 millimeters wide, the  G2RV-ST and G3RV-ST offer 60 percent space savings when compared to the G2R series.

The push-in plus technology enables a low insertion force which provides a 60 percent reduction in wiring time.

The larger hole and angled structure contribute to more efficient connection of wires up to 14 AWG or 2.5 millimeters squared.

The G2RV-ST and G3RV-ST allow for easy maintenance with improved LED visibility and color stopper voltage line identification.

Finally, the short bar cutting force has been decreased to reduce burden during the assembly process. The electrification of the short bar fracture plane is prevented by an isolation plate.

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