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Omron Industrial Automation NXR Ruggedized Remote Terminal | New Product Brief

November 30, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Omron Industrial Automation NXR Ruggedized Remote Terminal

The NXR terminals provide a rugged IO solution for mounting and connecting IO remotely.

NXR IO-Link Masters provide additional diagnostics to identify failures as well as two-way communication to IO-Link devices. Setup time is reduced by 90% thanks to the configuration tool’s automatic setting of IO-Link parameters and the ability to transfer remote terminal and IO-Link device settings from the controller.

Quantified EtherNet/IP and IO-Link communication statuses allow users to find network cabling errors before operation. Short circuit, wire break, open wire, input/output voltage monitoring, and network monitoring are all available through NXR's enhanced diagnostic information. During operation, the communication status can be monitored, making it possible to check the system before it stops suddenly.

The remote terminal reports approximate locations of disconnections or short circuits in Ethernet cables and detects disconnections or short-circuits in I/O cables.

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