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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors SFH 2200 & SFH 2240 Photodiodes

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ SFH 2200 and SFH 2240 are large format photodiodes in a compact package. The photodiodes have a radiant sensitive area of 7.02 mm2 and opaque sidewalls to block light from adjacent LEDs. The SFH 2200 has a wide spectral range of sensitivity, from 300 to 1100 nm, while the SFH 2240 has spectral sensitivity similar to the human eye. Both photodiodes offer a low, short-circuit temperature coefficient, a fast switching time, reflow solderability, a wide temperature range, and MSL level 2 compliance. Osram SFH 2200 and SFH 2240 photodiodes can be used in industrial and consumer electronics in ambient light detection, biomonitoring, photointerrupters, control and drive circuits, and remote control applications.

  • Compact 4.0 mm x 5.1 mm x 0.85 mm TOPLED D5140 package
  • Radiant sensitive area: 7.02 mm2
  • Spectral range of sensitivity: 300 to 1100 nm (SFH 2200), 400 to 690 nm (SFH 2240)
  • Temperature coefficient of ISC: as low as 0.16%/K
  • Rise and fall time: as low as 0.04 µs
  • Complies to MSL Level 2 (JEDEC J-STD-020E)

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