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P-Duke POE Application 53Vout AC/DC and DC/DC Power Solutions | Digital Datasheet

January 02, 2024 by P-Duke Power

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.



P-Duke POE Application 53Vout AC/DC and DC/DC Power Solutions

With IOT increasingly prevalent in our personal and professional spheres, dynamic connectivity across digital spaces is critical.

Enter the POE application by P-Duke Power: a masterful 53Vout standard output in both AC/DC and DC/DC power solutions.

The 53Vout application’s many features exceed regular POE standards; seamlessly integrating P-Duke Technology, network devices and the cloud.

Our products carry IEEE802.3 certification and provide an output voltage of 48-54V, aligning with the specified voltage range of 44-57V.

Both reliable and resilient, The POE applications offer a power supply backup, wide input voltage ranges, low leakage and low standby power consumption.

With these comes 53Vout POE application's high thermal performance, allowing higher ambient temperature without sacrificing overall productivity.

All of these powerful features are found in a sleek and compact overall design, one that elegantly and efficiently supports and regulates your IOT AC/DC and DC/DC power solutions.

For more information, visit P-Duke Power.


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