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PAN9026 Series Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5GHz And Bluetooth® Module | AAC Digital Datasheet

April 13, 2021 by Panasonic

AAC’s Digital Datasheet video series introduces the specs and applications of components—both new and familiar—straight from their datasheets.

PAN9026 Series Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4/5GHz And Bluetooth® Module

Panasonic’s PAN9026 Series Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Module provides simultaneous and independent operation of the two wireless standards while reducing design, test, and calibration effort for faster time to market. The PAN9026 Series RF Module supports 802.11 a, b, g and n Wi-Fi up to 80 megabits per second in the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz bands as well as Bluetooth 5.0. The PAN9026 Series RF Module integrates the crystal oscillator, RF circuitry, and a chip antenna for easy integration. 

The PAN9026 Series comes pre-programmed with transmit power calibration data and other parameters to simplify certification testing for different regions. It also has on-board power management and a coexistence interface for use in applications with additional wireless radios. It can interface to a host over SDIO 3.0 or high-speed UART interfaces for Bluetooth, and Panasonic offers Linux and RTOS drivers. The PAN9026 Series Evaluation Kit is available for quick and easy prototyping.  

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