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Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors

Panasonic PIR Motion Sensors are PIR sensors that use Panasonic proprietary technology for lower current consumption, high signal-to-noise ratio, and simpler design. They’re ideal for occupancy detection in IoT, lighting, energy saving, and security applications.

Pansonic’s EKMB series and EKMC series of PIR sensors have high sensitivity miniature sensing elements that enable improved performance, with the ability to detect a temperature difference of just 4°C. The sensors integrate a signal processing ASIC that includes a transimpedance amplifier with four times better SNR than standard PIRs followed by an amplifier and comparator that eliminate the need for external sensing circuitry. This provides a digital output that can be connected directly to a microcontroller, and it leads to fewer false detection events for improved energy savings.

Sleep and standby modes enable very low current consumption in addition to the high performance and integration, with current consumption as low as 1µA, with 2µA, 6µA, and 170µA models also available.

Sensors are also available with multiple lens options to address different detection distances and field-of-view requirements.  Options include detection distances from 2.2m to 17m, a wide field-of-view up to 150° in a single axis, and wall mount sensors or sensors that are sensitive to low or slight motion.

The sensors have a metal package to shield against electromagnetic interference.  Lenses are available in black, white, or pearl white to fit different aesthetic requirements, and a nearly-flat lens results in minimal protrusion from the device enclosure.  To learn more about the benefits of Panasonic’s PIR Motion Sensors, visit


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