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Panasonic Polymer Film MLCC Alternatives

Panasonic has a variety of polymer capacitors to address different capacitances, voltages, and operating frequencies, as well as requirements such as AEC-Q200 qualification. The Panasonic Polymer and Film MLCC Alternatives can replace several MLCCs with a single capacitor while offering performance and safety advantages. These components have very low ESR, resulting in lower AC ripple in power circuits. They are also very stable over time, temperature, and voltage characteristics, making them ideal for long automotive, industrial, and other long-life applications—as well as more physically robust than electrolytic capacitors, as they have a self-healing capability.

  • Higher system performance and safety
  • Low ESR
  • Stable characteristics against temperature and bias voltage
  • Physically robust
  • Voltage ratings up to 100V
  • Low capacitance rating up to 1500µF (No DC Bias Effect)

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