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PHOENIX CONTACT AXC F 2152 PLCnext Controller | Featured Product Spotlight

September 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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PHOENIX CONTACT AXC F 2152 PLCnext Controller

Phoenix Contact AXC F 2152 PLCnext Controllers combine standard PLC functionality with a flexible, Linux-based platform that offers developers greater openness and easier cloud connectivity for IIoT applications. 

With PLCnext, developers have multiple environments and languages to choose from.  PLCnext Engineer is an IEC 61131 development environment for implementing standard PLC functions.  PLCnext also supports high level languages such as C, C++, C#, and others, as well as HTML5 for data visualization.  PLCnext controllers can also run Linux applications, providing access to both open source and custom development options. 

They’re also designed with cloud connectivity in mind for Industrial IoT applications.  The controllers can easily connect to the Phoenix Contact PROFICLOUD, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google IoT, and other cloud service providers. 

The AXC F 2152 Controller has a hardened industrial-grade build for use in environmentally demanding applications, with the ability to withstand 30g shock, 5g vibration, and environments with 5% to 95% relative humidity and temperatures from -25°C to +60°C.  It has a dual core Arm® Cortex®-A9 800MHz processor that provides PLC-typical real-time performance and an Axioline F bus interface for connection to up to 63 AXIO I/O modules, with modules available for nearly every sensor type. 

The controller offers dual 100Mbps ethernet interfaces and an integrated switch, and it supports a wide range of communication protocols.  The controller is supplied by a 24V nominal DC power supply with 200mA typical current consumption, and it measures just 45mm wide. 126.93mm tall, and 75mm deep. 

The PLXnext Technology starter kit includes the AXC F 2152 PLCnext controller, analog and digital I/O modules, and other hardware, plus a one year license to Phoenix Contact’s PROFICLOUD, providing a platform to experience all the benefits of PLCnext technology. For more information on Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext technology and the controllers that use it, including the AXC F 2152 PLCnext controller, visit

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