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Phoenix Contact Board-to-Board Connectors

Phoenix Contact FINEPITCH Board-to-Board Connectors are robust and versatile high-density connectors for use in industrial automation, such as I/Os, PLCs, frequency converters, and HMIs.

FINEPITCH connectors are based on an innovative double-sided contact system. Each contact consists of a male and female element and provides a vibration-proof connection in a confined space. This also enables housing geometry that protects the contacts while allowing for high tolerance compensation of the connection, with ±0.7mm offset and inclination tolerances of 2° and 4°.

The connectors provide designers a great deal of flexibility and offer excellent signal integrity, supporting data rates up to 16 Gbps. They have a 0.8mm pitch and are available in configurations with 12 to 80 positions. The contacts have a 1.5mm wipe length, and there are two heights for both the male and female connectors. This permits stacking heights in a continuous range from 6mm to 12mm. Shielded versions have multiple female-to-male shielding transition points, providing highly effective 360° shielding.

Phoenix Contact also offers 1.27mm FINEPITCH connectors with many of the same features as the 0.8mm pitch version, including high tolerance compensation and variable wipe length, but the 1.27mm pitch connectors support 8mm to 13.8mm stack heights.

The 1.27mm pitch FINEPITCH connectors offer polarization to prevent mismating, and latching to protect against vibrations. Designers can address many different hardware arrangements, as the connectors are offered in horizontal and vertical configurations, and there are also IDC connectors and pre-assembled ribbon cables. For more information on Phoenix Contact’s FINEPITCH series of Board-to-Board connectors, visit


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