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Phoenix Contact FINEPITCH Board-to-Board Connectors

FINEPITCH connectors, available with a 0.8 or a 1.27 millimeter pitch, have a long wipe length to address a wide range of stack heights, and the housing design permits a large compensation tolerance. FINEPITCH 0.8 has a unique, vibration-proof double contact, supports data rates up to 16Gbps, and is shielded to protect against interference.

FINEPITCH 1.27 is offered in horizontal and vertical variants so you can arrange PCBs however you want. Mezzanine, mother-daughter, and coplanar configurations are all possible, and a female IDC connector permits ribbon cable installations as well. FINEPITCH 1.27 uses a latching mechanism on the cable side of the connector to protect against vibration.

  • 0.8: 6mm to 12mm stack heights
  • 0.8: vibration-proof double contacts support data transmission up to 16Gbps
  • 0.8: shielding for excellent EMC properties
  • 1.27: 8mm to 13.8mm stack heights
  • 1.27: vertical, right-angle, and female IDC connectors for installation flexibility
  • 1.27: latching mechanism protects against vibrations

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