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Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 Managed Switches

Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 managed switches are intelligent switches that are designed to improve the robustness and stability of industrial automation networks.

Automation networks have different requirements than standard IT networks and the FL Switch 2000 series includes features and functions to address those requirements. The series is available in a number of variants with support for communication protocols, management functions, and redundancy features needed in machine automation networks.  

Switches offer speeds up to gigabit ethernet, with up to 8 ports in various configurations including RJ45, different types of fiber ports, and combo ports. Regardless of the configuration, all FL Switch 2000 series switches share the same 45 mm x 130 mm x 115 mm DIN rail-mountable enclosure.

The FL2000 series offers intelligent diagnostic and redundancy functions to help keep the network running. This includes automatic error detection and diagnostic data gathering for troubleshooting.

The switches also offer MRP and RSTP support with fast ring detection and large tree support for larger ring topologies and fast switchover to redundant paths to improve network availability. The switches also offer a digital alarm output, and 2200 and 2300 series have a redundant power supply.

The switches offer intuitive web-based management and support SNMP and SNMP traps. Port- or pool-based DHCP server functionality is available and supports DHCP option 82 to guard against spoofing. The switches support up to 32 static VLANs, multicast filtering to reduce network load, and configuration via SD card, command line interface, or the smart mode button.

Switches are available with multiple agency approvals, including for operating in maritime or explosive environments, and the switches support PROFINET and EthernNet/IP protocols. To learn more about the different models available in the Phoenix Contact FL Switch 2000 series of managed switches and the features and benefits of each, visit


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