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PHOENIX CONTACT LED Lighting Connectors | New Product Brief

February 02, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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PHOENIX CONTACT LED Lighting Connectors

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of connectors and PCB terminal blocks designed to connect LED lights and lighting systems in applications including office, architectural, outdoor, industrial, signal and display, and retail applications. 

PTF series connectors are a compact, high-performance option designed to easily connect 8mm or 10mm wide flexible LED strips. PTSM terminal blocks have a low 5mm profile and a push-in connection that supports up to 6A. 

PTCM crimp connection terminal blocks have the same small footprint but use crimp contacts for more cost-effective assembly. SPTAF low-profile terminal blocks have a 45° angle cable connection funnel with multiple lever versions and can carry up to 8A, while PTS and PTSA terminal blocks have push-in wire terminations, multiple mounting angles, and can carry up to 12A. 

  • Phoenix Contact LED Lighting Connectors 
    • UL and CSA approvals 
    • Customization with marking and wire pre-termination options 
  • PTF 
    • Compact, high performance option for 8mm or 10mm wide flexible LED strips 
    • Up to 25V, 10A (per connector) 
  • PTSM 
    • 5mm design height 
    • Push-in termination 
    • Up to 160V, 6A 
  • PTCM 
    • Compatible with PTSM 
    • Crimp contacts for cost-effective assembly 
  • SPTAF 
    • 8mm height 
    • 45° cable connection funnel, three lever versions 
    • Up to 300V, 8A 
  • PTS and PTSA 
    • Push-in spring technology with multiple mounting angles 
    • Up to 320V, 12A 

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