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Phoenix Contact QUINT DC UPS | Featured Product Spotlight

November 13, 2018 by Mouser Electronics

Phoenix Contact QUINT DC UPS is an intelligent, networked, DIN rail UPS for industrial networks.

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Phoenix Contact QUINT DC UPS

Phoenix Contact QUINT DC UPS is an intelligent, networked, DIN rail UPS for industrial networks. It allows remote monitoring, configuration, and safe shutdown, so it can be used in critical applications where the loss of power poses significant safety issues or can lead to process problems.

The QUINT DC UPS offers integrated network connectivity, with options for EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET, EtherCAT®, as well as USB. This makes connecting the UPS to the network a seamless process, providing higher level controllers and users information on the operating state of the system and remaining energy storage, and the ability to configure and control the UPS.  The UPS also integrates a 2-port network switch to simplify network layout.

The QUINT DC UPS is available with a 5A, 10A, 20A, or 40A output, enabling its use in a wide range of systems. The integrated IQ technology provides intelligent battery management that detects the attached battery type, supporting lead-acid and lithium ion, and evaluates its state of health and state of charge. Information on the state of health users to maximize the service life of the battery and replace it before it fails, while knowing the state of charge allows users to supply power to equipment as long as possible before initiating safe shutdown procedures during extended interruptions.

The UPS also offers static and dynamic boost capabilities. Static boost enables continuous operation at 125% of the rated output, providing headroom for changing system requirements. Dynamic boost can output up to 200% of the rated output for 5 seconds so start-up loads don’t collapse the bus voltage. SFB technology also temporarily boosts the available output current to quickly trip the circuit breaker of a shorted load so that parallel loads can continue operating normally. To learn more about Phoenix Contact’s QUINT DC UPS and all of its capabilities, visit

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