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Phoenix Contact SKEDD Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact SKEDD Terminal Blocks are one-piece PCB connectors that offer tool-free, direct plug-in to plated holes on the PCB, and are also user removable.

The standard approach to a user-removable connection is a two-piece solution: a header or terminal block soldered to the board and a mating plug to make the connection. This often requires a second soldering step and design considerations for connector placement. As a one-piece solution, SKEDD lowers component count and assembly costs, provides more freedom in placement, and a number of functional benefits.

One of these benefits is the ability to plug the connector directly into the PCB. This is because each contact is made from two flexible split legs that adapt to the plated through hole as they’re inserted, forming an electrically stable, gas-tight connection. Once mated, expanding locking pins on the ends of the connector can be engaged to give the connection a high retention force, and these pins can then be disengaged to let the user easily remove the connector. And SKEDD Terminal Blocks are good for a minimum of 25 mating cycles.

Connector assembly is also easy and tool-free, with push-in wire termination for wire sizes from 24 to 12 AWG.

Despite the ease-of-use, the connectors are also extremely robust. They pass GWFI to 850°C  and GWIT to 775°C. Single-row connectors are also qualified and approved for PCBs with HAL surfaces per DIN EN 61373, which is a railway shock and vibration standard that subjects connectors to 5 hours per axis of random vibrations, with contact interruptions required to be less than 1 µs.

SKEDD Terminal Blocks are available in single and double row configurations with up to 32 positions, have current ratings up to 12 A, and are 300 V UL rated.

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