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Qorvo QPF7551 5GHz Wi-Fi® 6 Integrated Front End Module | New Product Brief

April 27, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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Qorvo QPF7551 5GHz Wi-Fi® 6 Integrated Front End Module

The QPF7551 is one of two integrated front end modules that incorporates Qorvo’s advanced bulk acoustic wave filter technology with unique bandBoost™ capability, which enables the speed advantages of mesh home networks that broadcast concurrently on three different channels when designed into Wi-Fi 6 systems.

The QPF7551 optimizes the PA for a 5V supply voltage while providing optional operation over a wide range. The QPF7551 features power consumption conservation while maintaining the highest linear output power and leading-edge throughput.

The QPF7551 has integrated bandBoost filtering to create Wi-Fi 6 tri-band mesh applications or Wi-Fi 6E quadband applications. The device has an integrated matched solution between the PA and filter negating the need for end users to do that themselves and lowering the bill of materials. A DC power detector is integrated into the package for application feedback, providing a proportional voltage for given output power from the transmit path.

The device's receive path features the optimal technologies to maximize receiver sensitivity through noise figure performance that is consistent over an expansive variety of conditions.

The QPF7551 was designed to pair with the QPF7552 to create a Wi-Fi 6 tri-band mesh solution with just two devices. Please see Qorvo's QPF7552 for more information.

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