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Renesas Electronics’ TB-S1JA Synergy Target Board

Renesas Electronics’ TB-S1JA Synergy Target Board is a development and evaluation board for the S1JA Synergy MCU group. Developers can reduce BOM cost and PCB size with the S1JA’s 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23 core and integrated analog capabilities, including 16-bit and 24-bit ADCs, a 12-bit DAC, comparators, and op-amps. The MCUs also offer AES encryption and multiple safety functions.

The board has USB debug and device ports, and the Synergy Software Package significantly reduces development time. The board features two PMOD connectors for easy expansion and headers to access MCU power and signal pins.  The user input area includes a button, a location for a potentiometer, and a touchpad connected to the MCU’s capacitive touch sensor unit.

  • S1JA core: 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M23
  • S1JA analog: 16-bit and 24-bit ADCs, DACs, comparators, op amps
  • Security and Encryption: AES (128/256), TRNG, 128-bit unique ID
  • Accelerates code development with the tightly integrated and qualified Synergy Software Package
  • 2x Pmod™ connectors for rapid prototyping with plug-in modules
  • Capacitive and mechanical buttons

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