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Renesas Synergy Platform | Featured Product Spotlight

November 23, 2017 by Mouser Electronics

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes hardware and software that are tightly integrated to shorten design cycles and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Renesas Synergy Platform

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes hardware and software that are tightly integrated to shorten design cycles and reduce total cost of ownership. The hardware includes a range of MCUs with ARM Cortex-M cores, and these are complemented by a software suite that includes an RTOS-based software framework and easy-to-use software add-ons.

MCUs in the Synergy Platform range from the ultra-low-power Series 1 based on the Cortex-M0+ to the high-performance Series 7, with a 240 MHz Cortex-M4, dual Ethernet MAC, and a graphics LCD controller. Each series offers full-speed USB, CAN, and capacitive touch sensing, as well as essential security, encryption, and safety functions, and developers can scale upwards as application requirements demand, as the MCUs are software-, architecture-, and pin-compatible. With the top end S7 MCUs, developers can leverage 172 GPIOs, 4 MB of code flash, and 640 KB of SRAM in addition to enhanced analog, connectivity, safety, security, and encryption.

Now, on the software side, the Synergy Gallery gives developers access to all of the relevant software and tools for developing with Synergy. The Synergy Software Package, or SSP, includes a highly optimized RTOS, middleware, network and other communications stacks, frameworks, drivers, and more.  And APIs allow you to access all layers of the software stack, all the way down to MCU registers. Each software component is fully qualified, maintained, and supported by Renesas. This saves you from having to identify, license, and qualify each piece of software yourself.

Add-ons are available in two varieties: Qualified Software Add-ons are qualified, licensed, and serviced by Renesas and are tightly integrated and optimized for use with SSP APIs. Verified Software Add-ons are verified to be compatible with the SSP, but are licensed directly from the 3rd party vendor, with evaluation versions available in the Synergy Gallery.

With Synergy, you’ll spend less time integrating, testing, and debugging so you can spend more time innovating and still meet aggressive schedules to get products to market on time. And to learn more about the Renesas Synergy Platform, or for details on the different MCU series, visit

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