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RICOH Electronics Buck-Boost DC-DC Converters | Featured Product Spotlight

July 03, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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RICOH Electronics Buck-Boost DC-DC Converters

Ricoh Electronic Devices’ RP605 series of buck-boost DC/DC converters have an integrated battery monitor and ultra-low quiescent current, resulting in a reduced design size and longer battery life in IoT sensor nodes, wireless modules, wearables, and other battery-powered devices. 

The RP605 series is optimized for portable devices. It’s offered in compact WLCSP or DFN packages and requires minimal external components. It has very low quiescent current, with the buck-boost converter consuming 300nA, and the battery monitor consuming 100nA, with separate chip enable pins for each section. Standby current is just 10nA, making it ideal for applications that are mostly in sleep mode and wake only to transmit data or respond to an external input. 

The battery monitor consists of a built-in high impedance resistor divider that minimizes power dissipation. The output of the resistor divider is then buffered to drive the ADC input on a host MSCU, providing a simple and efficient battery fuel gauge function. The separate CE pin offers designers flexibility to disable the battery monitor and reduce current draw without additional components, such as an external MOSFET. 

The buck-boost converter section operates from a 1.8V to 5.5V input, allowing it to operate over the full voltage range of li-ion and coin cell batteries. The converter outputs a fixed voltage, with options from 1.6V to 5.2V at ±1.5% accuracy. It can drive loads up to 300mA, and has an optional auto-discharge function that is triggered when the chip enable pin is pulled low to put the converter in standby mode. The converter operates at 92% peak efficiency and has integrated protection functions, soft-start, and inductor peak current limiting. 

To learn more about the space and power savings available using Ricoh’s RP605 series of DC/DC converters with an integrated battery monitor, visit

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