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Ricoh Electronics RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board | New Product Brief

March 27, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Ricoh Electronics RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board

Ricoh Electronic Devices’ RIOT-001 Environment Sensing Board demonstrates Ricoh’s high-efficiency power management ICs for use in IoT edge devices. The RIOT-001 includes sensors and a BLE module to transmit sensor data to a tablet or other device.

The board is designed for independent operation from a solar panel, which supplies the Ricoh R1800K series energy harvesting buck DC/DC converter that has low quiescent current and low starting power and optimizes charge current to a small secondary Li-ion battery.  The Ricoh RP604, a low current buck-boost regulator, provides a stable output to power the sensors and BLE module.

The RIOT-001 also transmits the secondary battery voltage over BLE, which is measured by Ricoh’s RP124, a low current LDO with integrated battery monitoring.

  • Sensors: BME280 Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor and MAX44009 ambient light sensor
  • Designed for solar panel energy harvesting (solar panel not included)
  • R1800K Series DC/DC Converter: Low IQ (144nA) and low starting power (720nW)
  • High-efficiency energy harvesting works in low light environments
  • RP604 Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter: Low IQ (300nA) and low standby current (10nA)
    • Ideal for devices primarily in sleep mode
  • RP124 LDO with Battery Monitoring: more efficient battery monitoring than using a resistive divider

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