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ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR KX134 & KX132 Tri-axis Digital Accelerometers | New Product Brief

April 11, 2021 by Mouser Electronics

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ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR KX134 & KX132 Tri-axis Digital Accelerometers

ROHM Semiconductor’s Kionix KX134 and KX132 Tri-Axis Digital Accelerometers offer high accuracy and low power motion sensing for industrial and consumer applications. 

The sensors feature a user-configurable advanced datapath that offloads sensor signal processing from the host MCU reducing MCU load and power consumption while improving application performance. The sensors also include high-resolution wake-up and back-to-sleep functions that enable further power savings with a threshold that can be programmed as low as 3.9mg.

The sensors offer user-configurable g-ranges up to ±64g. They can operate at temperatures up to 105°C with lower noise and improved linearity over the entire temperature range. KX132 and KX134 sensors are offered in a 12-pin LGA package, with a small 2mm x 2mm footprint.

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