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SAMTEC ACCLIMATE Sealed I/O Connectors | New Product Brief

August 05, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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SAMTEC ACCLIMATE Sealed I/O Connectors

Samtec ACCLIMATE Sealed I/O Connectors provide designers a high reliability connection in rugged applications, with a variety of connector types for design flexibility.

ACCLIMATE Sealed IO connectors meet up to IP68 specifications, providing a dust and waterproof connection in harsh environments. Bayonet sealed circulars are offered in three standard shell sizes with 4 to 30 pins in power, signal, or combination configurations. 

Sealed rectangular connectors provide maximum density for low profile 1U sealed applications with an audible click positive latching mechanism for quick mating and unmating. Threaded circular connectors feature a rugged overmold construction and dust caps are available for all versions to protect unmated connectors. 

Rectangular and threaded circular connectors are available for USB and ethernet signal systems. 

  • Meets IP67/IP68 specifications for dust and waterproof sealing 
  • Bayonet sealed circulars: 
    • 12mm, 16mm, 22mm shell size 
    • Signal, power, and combination layouts 
  • Sealed Rectangulars 
    • Maximum density for low profile 1U sealed applications 
  • Threaded Circulars 
    • Rugged overmold construction 
  • USB, Mini USB, and Ethernet available in Sealed Rectangular and Threaded Circular versions 

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