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Samtec Razor Beam Connectors

Samtec Razor Beam LSHM series connectors offer high-speed and high-density in a ruggedized hermaphroditic strip connector that reduces inventory costs. The connectors have a 0.5mm pitch and various lead styles that result in ten stack height options from 5.00mm to 12.00mm. They’re available with up to 50 contacts per row and single or dual row configurations for up to 100 contacts per connector, and support speeds up to 23 Gbps. LSHM connectors are shrouded, produce an audible click when properly mated, have mating and unmating forces 4 to 6 times higher than typical micro pitch connectors, and are available with optional shielding. Vertical or right-angle variants support parallel, perpendicular, and coplanar applications.

  • Pitch: 0.5mm
  • Stack heights: 5.00mm to 12.00mm
  • Contacts: up to 100 (5 to 50 per row, 1 or 2 rows)
  • Data rate: up to 23 Gbps
  • Ruggedized: shrouded, audible click when mated, 4x-6x mating/unmating force, optional shielding
  • Parallel, perpendicular, and coplanar applications

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