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SAMTEC Tiger Eye TFM .050” Pitch Terminal Strip | New Product Brief

November 27, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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SAMTEC Tiger Eye TFM .050" Pitch Terminal Strip

Samtec Tiger Eye TFM Series .050" pitch terminal strips are rugged, high-reliability connectors for high-cycle count applications. 

The headers mate with SFM series sockets and are based on Samtec’s Tiger Eye Beryllium Copper contact system, which offers redundant points of contact to ensure continuity in harsh environments. The TFM series features a shrouded body for blind mating and can be configured with friction locking, a locking clip, screw-down, and weld tab options for the most rugged applications.

The headers are highly versatile, with single- or dual-row configurations with up to 50 pins per row, through-hole or surface mount terminations, as well as multiple stacking heights and orientations to fit nearly any application.

  • Mates with Tiger Eye SFM Series
    • Redundant contact points ensure continuity
  • Shrouded body for blind mating
  • Enhanced retention options: friction lock, locking clip, double screw-down, weld tabs
  • Termination: through-hole or surface mount
  • Position count: 1 or 2 rows, up to 50 pins per row
  • Versatility
    • Mated heights: 0.235” to 0.465”
    • Orientations: vertical, right-angle, horizontal

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