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Silicon Laboratories BLUETOOTH 5.2 SoCs | Featured Product Spotlight

April 30, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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Silicon Laboratories BLUETOOTH 5.2 SoCs

Silicon Labs’ EFR32BG22 Bluetooth 5.2 SoCs are a low-power and secure single-chip solution designed for high volume and battery-powered designs using Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth direction finding, and Bluetooth mesh networking. 

The SoCs have an Arm Cortex-M33 core that can run at up to 76.8MHz and is complemented by a DSP and FPU for fast and efficient signal processing. They also have up to 512KB of flash and 32KB of RAM along with up to 26 GPIOs and a wide range of analog and digital peripherals. The MCU is efficient, drawing 27µA/MHz while active and just 1.4µA in DeepSleep mode. 

This is paired with a highly efficient radio core. It integrates a power amplifier enabling transmit power up to +6dBm and it has an industry-leading -98.9dBm receiver sensitivity at 1Mbps, enabling longer range communication. The radio subsystem draws 3.6mA while receiving at 1 Mbps and 4.1mA while transmitting with a 0dBm output. It supports Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Bluetooth Direction Finding using angle-of-arrival and angle-of-departure techniques, and it can also be used with proprietary 2.4GHz protocols. 

Security is critical to any connected device, and the EFR32BG22 has integrated security features that provide robust protection while reducing the burden on developers. The devices offer secure boot with root of trust and secure loader as well as Arm TrustZone  technology. They have hardware-based cryptographic accelerators for use with a variety of encryption schemes, a NIST-compliant true random number generator, and secure debug with lock and unlock capabilities.  

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