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Silicon Labs xG24 Dev Kit for EFR32BG24 Wireless SoCs | Featured Product Spotlight

January 12, 2023 by Mouser Electronics

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Silicon Labs xG24 Dev Kit for EFR32BG24 Wireless SoCs

The xG24 development kit is a compact, feature-packed development platform.

Based on the EFR32BG24 2.4 GHz Wireless SoC, the development platform provides a fast path to develop and prototype wireless IoT products.

With a number of key features, the EFR32BG24 Wireless SoCs are ideal for IoT wireless connectivity using Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth mesh for smart home, lighting, and portable medical products.

The development platform supports up to 10 dBm output power and includes support for the 20-bit ADC. Other key features include a Packet Trace Interface, virtual COM port, J-link onboard debugger, USB connectivity, user LEDs and push buttons.

An embedded relative humidity and temperature sensor, inertial sensor, stereo microphones, pressure sensor, ambient light sensor, and hall effect sensor ensure the development kit can be used in a variety of applications including gateways, sensors, switches, door locks, smart plugs, LED bulbs, luminaires, blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters.

With the xG24’s AI/ML hardware accelerator, this is the ideal development board for AI/ML development including platforms from TinyML, Edge Impulse, SensiML and MicroAI.

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