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Stewart Connector’s SealJack RJ45 Jacks

Stewart Connector’s SealJack RJ45 jacks are designed for IP67 applications requiring high-speed communication. SealJack RJ45 jacks use a sealed design and are available in single- or four-port vertical configurations with a gasket that allows for front or rear panel mounting. The connectors support ethernet speeds up to 10 gigabits per second and are made from a nickel-plated die cast zinc with a design that minimizes the weight, volume, and area of the connector.

SealJack RJ45 jacks are POE+ compatible, available with or without LED indicators, and are ideal for rugged computing, industrial, military, marine, and renewable energy applications.

  • Data Transmission: Supports 10/100 Base-T, 1G Base-T, 10G Base-T
  • Port Density: 2.3 ports/in3
  • Mating Cycles: 750 minimum
  • Optional EPP 918-A protective coating
  • Dimensions:
    • Single port: 0.842 in x 1.093 in x 0.765 in
    • Four port: 2.744 in x 1.093 in x 0.765 in

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