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VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Ranging Sensor

ST’s VL53L0X is a fully-integrated time-of-flight laser ranging sensor module suitable for auto-focus systems, advanced proximity sensing, security, and robot obstacle detection.  

The VL53L0X measures absolute distances up to 2m with accuracy up to ±3% and provides the measured distance to a host MCU over an I2C interface, making it easy to integrate into any system. The module integrates an MCU with the detection array and an eye-safe 940 nm VCSEL that works regardless of the target’s reflectance and with high ambient IR levels. 

The module requires no additional optics and has advanced optical cross-talk compensation built in to allow the use of a variety of cover glass materials.

  • Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.4 x 1.0 mm
  • Operating range: up to 2 m
  • Power consumption: < 20 mW (ranging)
  • IR source: Class 1 VCSEL
  • Ranging profiles: Default, High Speed, High Accuracy, Long Range
  • Ranging modes: Single, continuous, timed

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