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STMicroelectronics VL53L1X Time-of-Flight Proximity Sensor

STMicroelectronics VL53L1X is a fast and accurate miniature time-of-flight sensor for many different applications, including robotics, smart buildings, and gesture recognition. The VL53L1X is based on ST’s FlightSense technology and can accurately measure distances up to 4 m or operate at up to 50 Hz. This is possible due to the integrated laser driver and emitter paired with a SPAD array with integrated optics. The sensor can be hidden behind many cover window materials, and measurements are not affected by the target’s color or reflectance. The receiving array also offers a programmable region of interest to reduce the sensor’s standard 27° field of view and support multizone operation. The VL53L1X uses an I2C interface and is packaged in a 12-pin optical LGA that is pin-compatible with the previous generation VL53L0X for easy upgradeability.

  • Distance Measurement: up to 400cm
  • Ranging Frequency: up to 50Hz
  • Field of View: Programmable, 15° to 27°
  • Programmable ROI for reduced FOV and multizone operation
  • Interface: I2C (up to 1 MHz)
  • Package: Optical LGA-12, 4.9 x 2.5 x 1.56 mm

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