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TAIYO YUDEN 100V EIA 0402 AEC-Q200 MLCCs: 220pF up to 0.01µF | New Product Brief

October 05, 2022 by Mouser Electronics

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TAIYO YUDEN 100V EIA 0402 AEC-Q200 MLCCs: 220pF up to 0.01µF

Taiyo Yuden 100 volt, EIA AEC-Q200 qualified Multi-layer Ceramic capacitors feature longer lifetimes and lower failure rates to support applications requiring high reliability.

This series of capacitors includes capacitance values from 220 picofarads up to 0.01 microfarads. The monolithic structure delivers a higher reliability.

These ceramic capacitors feature a low ESR that allows superior noise absorption characteristics, and a small 0402 package size for component downsizing to reduce circuit board space consumption.

By using Nickel and Copper for external electrode and plating structures, solderability and heat resistance characteristics are improved resulting in greater reliability.

The Taiyo Yuden MLCCs are well-suited towards engine electronic control units, electric powertrains, transmission electronic control units, airbags, Anti-lock Brake Systems and more.

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