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Taiyo Yuden LP Series Supercapacitors

Taiyo Yuden LP Series Supercapacitors are lithium-ion hybrid supercapacitors that combine the benefits of EDLCs and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. The LP series is available with capacitance values from 2.4F to 10F, has a voltage rating of 2.7V, and is offered with 8mm or 10mm diameters in lengths from 15mm to 30mm. The high energy density of the LP series allows designers to store the same energy in a smaller space than standard EDLCs. The supercapacitors also exhibit very low ESR, as low as 45mΩ, low self-discharge, and a cycle life comparable to EDLCs. Taiyo Yuden’s LP series is rated for operation from -40°C to +70°C, and can be used up to 85°C at 2.3V. LP series supercapacitors can be used in many applications, including as main or backup power storage and in load leveling applications.

  • Capacitance range: 2.4F to 10F, 20% tolerance
  • Voltage rating: 2.7VDC
  • Dimensions: 8mm or 10mm diameter, 15mm to 30mm length
  • Lead spacing: 3.5mm or 5mm
  • ESR: 45mΩ to 120mΩ
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C, up to 85°C at 2.3VDC

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