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TDK-EPCOS NTC Thermistors for Temperature Measurement | Tech Specs

February 25, 2020 by TTI, Inc

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TDK-EPCOS NTC Thermistors for Temperature Measurement

EPCOS series S861 and M703 NTC thermistors by TDK provide accurate temperature measurements in a variety of applications.

The S861 series are AEC-Q200 qualified sensors with a miniature, epoxy-encapsulated thermistor. They provide a short response time and tight tolerance down to 1%. 

The M703 series encapsulates the thermistor in an eyelet tab, which provides simple mounting and precise thermal coupling. These NTC thermistors are a UL listed component available with a wide range of resistance values and R/T characteristics. The leads are PTFE-insulated with silver plating over copper or nickel wire. 

  • High accuracy temperature measurement
  • S861: AEC-Q200 qualified miniature sensors
  • S861: B value tolerance as low as 1%
  • M703: eyelet tab for simple mounting and precise thermal coupling
  • UL approval (E69802)
  • Resistance values (R25): 5kΩ to 100kΩ

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