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TDK FLECLEAR Ag-Stacked Film Sheets | Featured Product Spotlight

October 07, 2019 by Mouser Electronics

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TDK FLECLEAR Ag-Stacked Film Sheets

TDK FLECLEAR Ag-Stacked film sheets have better optical, electrical, and mechanical performance than indium tin oxide (ITO) films. FLECLEAR Ag-Stacked film sheets have many applications, including privacy glass, flexible displays, wearables, organic photovoltaics, and more.

The sheets are made by sputtering a thin layer of silver onto a film substrate. The advanced sputtering process allows for nanometer order of control of the silver thickness, and silver is used for its high conductivity and because it permits high light transmittance at thicknesses less than 20nm. 

The process also delivers high in-plane uniformity for high surface smoothness. The silver layer is between two protective layers, and the film has a total thickness of 125µm.

TDK’s FLECLEAR Ag-stacked films offer lower surface resistivity than ITO films, with options under 4Ω/sq, which is 1/10th or less of conventional ITO films.  Optically, Ag-stacked films also have improved total light transmittance, a lower haze value, less yellowness, and better heat shielding due to higher IR reflectance.

The films also offer a tight bend radius and higher bend durability, which is critical for use in wearables and on curved surfaces. Finally, the Ag-Stacked films don’t require a high-temperature annealing process, unlike ITO films. 

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