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TDK MAF Noise Suppression Filters

TDK’s MAF series of noise suppression filters are miniaturized audio line filters designed for use in smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, and other devices with wireless receivers. The filters are designed to maintain high audio quality while preventing audio signals from interfering with receiver sensitivity. MAF filters use TDK’s proprietary low distortion ferrite material, which offers near-zero THD+noise, with filters available to suppress emissions in FM or cellular bands, as well as noise from Class D amplifiers. The filters offer low DC resistance and a high current rating to minimize impact to volume. TDK also offers MAF filters designed to suppress low frequency radiated noise in LED lighting and help meet CISPR standards.

  • Package: 0402, 0603
  • Based on TDK’s proprietary low-distortion ferrite material
  • Lowest total harmonic distortion + noise (THD+N): near 0%
  • Filters for FM/cellular bands, Class D amplifier output noise
  • Low DC resistance: 0.06Ω to 1.3Ω
  • Rated current: up to 1.6A

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