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TDK TSP15 Piezoelectric Powder Level Sensor | Featured Product Spotlight

August 25, 2020 by Mouser Electronics

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TDK TSP15 Piezoelectric Powder Level Sensor

TDK’s TSP15 Piezoelectric Power Level Sensor provides has high sensitivity that enables precision level measurement and the detection of light or fluffy powders.  The compact and low-cost sensor is ideal for applications such as toner detection in copiers and printers as well as industrial processing of paint, ink, dye, cosmetics, and other products that are processed using fine or light powders. 

The sensors are manufactured with the piezoelectric element in a die cast housing using a peripheral area support structure and elastic silicon adhesive.  The use of this structure and elastic adhesive maximizes the piezoelectric deflection range, which results in greater sensitivity to loads on the face of the sensor.  The die cast finish, meanwhile, provides stable detection capability even in high vibration environments. 

As powder contacts the sensor face, it changes the sensor’s characteristic impedance versus frequency, becoming more capacitive as the load on the face increases.  The powder level can then be determined by checking the phase of the sensor’s impedance.  This sensing technique also allows the sensor to detect both magnetic and non-magnetic powders. 

The TSP15D series sensors offer an integrated ASIC that provides driver and detection functions to simplify the design and minimize component count.  The sensor requires only a 5V, 20mA supply and a pull-up resistor, and it provides a 5V logic output to the host that indicates whether or not powder is detected on the sensor face. 

The sensors can operate from 0°C to 50°C.  It has a detection area that is 11mm in diameter and 4mm high, while the body of the sensor measures 17mm x 14mm and allows for flexible mounting.  To learn more about TDK’s compact and versatile TSP15 Piezoelectric Powder Level sensors, visit

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